HFR Supplies Private 5G for the ‘Metaverse-Based Industrial Advancement Project’ in Sacheon Aviation Complex

SEOUL, S.KOREA, Sep 13, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240), a leading Private 5G solutions provider, announced that it will supply a converged Private 5G and Wi-Fi 6E network for the “Metaverse-based Industrial Complex Advancement Project” in South Korea.

This project develops specialized Metaverse applications for the aircraft manufacturing collaboration system. These applications and the network help to expand business platforms and advanced value chain collaboration for companies across the industrial complex. Through this project, member companies of the Aviation Industrial Complex are improving productivity by utilizing a differentiated wireless infrastructure, including both Private 5G and Wi-Fi 6E networks for aircraft manufacturing improvements.

HFR’s my5G(TM) private wireless solution is a pre-integrated 5G management platform, SA Core and RAN, which is optimized for enterprise customers. By combining Metaverse technology and Private 5G, HFR helps to implement a smart factory environment by leveraging metaverse-based work process advancements and digital conversion of the work environment.

Working closely with government officials of the KyungNam Techno-Park to support this project, HFR delivered a successful proof of concept by building a Private 5G network in the Regulations Free Special Zone to help facilitate the digital transformation of companies in the industrial zone. HFR’s goal is that the additional infrastructure to be built for the “Metaverse-based Industrial Complex Advancement Project” will continue to serve as the foundation for the Metaverse ecosystem of the manufacturing industry in South Korea.

Cho Beom-Geun, Head of HFR’s Product and Service Division, who is in charge of the project, stated, “Private 5G is extremely important in the enablement of the manufacturing industry to implement Metaverse applications and an Industry 4.0 work environment to achieve drastic improvements in overall productivity. HFR, as a digital innovation partner of small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions, will make significant contributions towards manufacturing innovation in the KyungNam Industrial Complex.”

About my5G(TM): HFR’s my5G solution is a pre-integrated Private 5G system. The 3GPP-compliant packaged solution includes key components such as vCore, vCU/DU, indoor and outdoor radio units, plus integrated CPE devices with a complete service & network management platform. HFR is deploying my5G in critical applications such as IIOT in a nuclear power generation site in Korea, railway solutions in Japan, as well as across several factory and industrial complexes.

About HFR, Inc.: HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240) is the leading ICT equipment vendor in Korea, offering a full range of optical transport, broadband access with WiFi products, and Private 5G. For the last 23 years, HFR has provided innovative products to the world’s largest mobile operators. HFR has established strong partnerships with Korean mobile operators, resulting in leading-edge technology, field-proven deployments, and expansion into the global market. For more information, visit www.hfrnet.com.

Contact Information
Peter K. Cho
Global CTO, HFR
+1 469-703-0861

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