Lexus Celebrates the World Premiere of the All-New LBX

TOKYO, Jun 5, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – On June 5th, Lexus premiered the all-new LBX. Presented to media at an event in Milan, Italy, by Chief Branding Officer Simon Humphries and Lexus President Takashi Watanabe, the new model will be introduced to Europe, Japan and selected markets worldwide from Q4 2023. (Link:

Since its establishment in 1989, Lexus has remained steadfast in its pursuit of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and design to deliver fresh value to its customers. Driven by a passion to enrich customer lifestyles in and around the car, the brand is committed to offering an extensive range of options that cater to the diverse needs of its customers worldwide.

2021 saw the dawn of a new generation of meticulously refined Lexus vehicles, beginning with the new NX and LX. On the road to carbon neutrality, electrification was accelerated by plug-in hybrid variants of NX and later RX, followed by the all-electric RZ. In 2023, the Lexus line-up embarked on further expansion with products inspired by the diverse needs and desires of customers around the world. The new LM brought a fresh answer to chauffeur-driven luxury as a flagship MPV, while the LBX brings a segment-defying new value proposition to the compact vehicle class.

The inspiration behind the new LBX stemmed from the vision of Lexus Master Driver, Akio Toyoda, who sought to redefine the conventional notion of luxury cars and to go beyond the constraints of compact size to deliver a high-quality driving experience and design. The goal was to design a car tailored for the discerning customer, allowing them to relax and feel like their true self during casual drives.

The GA-B compact class platform underwent a comprehensive renewal, accompanied by refinements in electrification technology and core engineering characteristics. In pursuit of the Lexus Driving Signature, the aim was to create an engaging yet comfortable driving experience, with a rapport between the driver and car that gives the everlasting desire to stay behind the wheel and puts a smile on the face of all occupants.

The “Premium Casual” design philosophy establishes a presence and level of refinement that far exceeds its class. The mission was to develop a compact crossover appealing to customers with sophisticated taste, seamlessly integrating into their everyday lives as a casual essential. The exterior showcases dynamic proportions and a confident stance, complemented by Lexus’ latest “Unified Spindle” front facia design. For the interior, attention was placed on a premium design to ensure the highest quality. The goal was to craft an inviting and serene space fostering a seamless connection between the driver and car, promoting complete relaxation. Alongside five design themes, a new personalized “Bespoke Build” program will empower customers to create a truly unique vehicle tailored to their individual lifestyles and preferences.


Total development of the vehicle fundamentals to achieve the Lexus Driving Signature
– Exceptional dynamic performance attained through use of the specially developed GA-B platform
– A thoughtfully designed driving position and package to prioritize a seamless connection between the driver and car
– Exceptional level of quietness with a focus on sound and vibration suppression at the source
– Aerodynamics contributing to exceptional driving dynamics and design
– An enhanced HEV system using the latest electrification technology

A sophisticated design with a bold presence, featuring proportions rooted in functional essence and dynamic performance
– The new front facia of Lexus, the “Unified Spindle” blends functionality with captivating aesthetics
– Dynamic proportions with tires that defy the norms of conventional compact cars
– A rear design accentuating a simple, planted stance with a low center of gravity
– An interior design with refinement reserved for higher class vehicles
– An engaging cockpit prioritizing driving enjoyment
– Ambient illumination creating a warm and inviting interior

Five atmospheric design themes and the exclusive made-to-order “Bespoke Build” program tailored to individual tastes
– Five design themes that better fit the lifestyles and preferences of a wide range of customers
– “Bespoke Build,” a personalized ordering system allowing customers to select interior colors, seat materials, embroidery patterns, and more, enabling them to create their unique vehicle from approximately 330,000 potential combinations.

The latest intuitive preventive safety features
– Advanced Preventive Safety Technologies Lexus Safety System +
– Supporting comfortable mobility: Lexus Teammate
– The expansion of driving support features, including the introduction of a 12.3-inch full LCD display meter


“The new LBX stands for ‘Lexus Breakthrough X(cross)-over’. It has been meticulously crafted to challenge the conventional notion of a luxury car. Our aim was to create a vehicle that enabled the discerning customer to enjoy a relaxing drive and be their true selves. We strove to create an exciting vehicle that would give the everlasting desire to stay behind the wheel the moment they sat in the driver’s seat – a deep sense of connection between driver and car that begins the moment the accelerator pedal is depressed. We rigorously developed the vehicle fundamentals so that the driver could feel a sense of confidence with their trusted partner. By maintaining unwavering dedication and continuously striving for improvement, we were able to successfully create a car that exudes refinement, strong presence, and emotional proportions, far surpassing the common norms of a compact vehicle. We invite customers to experience the new definition compact luxury from Lexus.”


“The LBX has been designed with every detail in mind so that from the moment you get into the LBX and close the door, you will feel that the car is a Lexus, with its class-leading quality and linear, precise, well-connected, natural, and straightforward driving performance. Acceleration performance that responds to the pedal operation faithfully and smoothly, a comfortable driving position with visibility that allow the driver to maneuver the car crisply and nimbly and turning characteristics that enables the driver to turn quickly with the accelerator pedal and maneuver through curves with exhilarating ease. We believe that the LBX will bring a smile to the driver’s face as they are filled with the true joy of driving a Lexus.”

Key Specifications of the New LBX (Prototype)
Overall Length – 4,190 mm
Overall Width – 1,825 mm
Overall Height – 1,560 mm
Wheelbase – 2,580 mm
Tire Size – 225/60R17, 225/55R18

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