Breakthrough! Innovative sanitary, Digital products from China, Jomoo Smart Bathroom Strategy & i90 Smart Toilet Launch Ceremony

On March 31st, with the online and global live broadcast, the ” Innovative sanitary, Digital products from China, Jomoo Smart Bathroom Strategy & i90 Smart Toilet Launch Ceremony” was grandly held at the Phoenix Center in Beijing, which is the first grand event in the global sanitary products launch with the theme of “Technology Bathroom Strategy”. At the ceremony, the i90 smart toilet, with sterilization in entire waterways was officially unveiled, Chinese products represented by Jomoo are practicing high-quality economic development and moving towards the world.

Zhou Keren, former vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China; Lin Xiaofa, member of the CPPCC, secretary of CPC Committee of the Jomoo Group, and chairman of the Board of Directors; Ren Zeping, a famous economist; Li Qi, executive vice president of Phoenix TV; Jiang Weiqing, former diplomat of the Chinese Embassy in France, chief consultant of the International Song Ceramic Association, honorary president of the Asia Europe Promotion Association for Cultural and Artistic Experience Industry, and An Ayue, chairman of the Anorectal Disease Prevention and Control Committee of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA), IEAS Academician Zhao Xinli, together with nearly 200 guests from industry-related associations, experts and scholars, Jomoo partners and senior executives, media reporters attended the ceremony to witness this major event together.

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has implemented that China will accelerate the construction of a cyber link and a digital China. During the Two Sessions of NPC and CPPCC, the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council issued the Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China, proposing the overall strategy for the construction of digital China in the new era from the overall and strategic perspective of the development, clarifying the guiding ideology, main goals, key tasks, and guarantee measures for the construction of digital China. The ceremony is the specific action of Jomoo Group in response to the major national strategy, leading the intelligent transformation and upgrading of China’s traditional manufacturing industry, and promoting the high-quality development of the Chinese path to modernization.

Powered by technology, Jomoo leads a new era of digital intelligence transformation

“Science and technology, innovation, artificial intelligence, etc. are the key to future development, as well as the key to Chinese path to modernization.” Zhou Keren, the former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, made an opening speech for the conference, an in-depth interpretation of the height of national digital strategy development, and gave guidance and expectations for the digital and intelligent development of enterprises. According to Zhou, since the 20th National Congress of the CPC, the Chinese economy has once again entered a period of rapid development. The potential of the Chinese market is enormous, and consumers are willing to try new things. Companies break conventions and reshape themselves. “Chinese entrepreneurs, especially those in Fujian, have a prominent characteristic – ambitious and never give up! This is the uniqueness of Chinese enterprises and the Chinese economy, and it is also the driving force for China to achieve modernization and build a more mature economy

Former Zhou Keren, Vice Minister of Commerce

Currently, a new round of technological and industrial revolution is in the ascendant, and technologies such as the Internet, Big Data, Cloud computing, and AI are accelerating innovation. The global manufacturing industry is undergoing unprecedented profound changes, and China’s manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading are facing huge development opportunities.

“The age is forcing us to change, and we are also changing the times.” Lin Xiaofa, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, secretary of the Party Committee of Jomoo Group, and chairman of the Board of Directors pointed out, “In the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, Jomoo is based on a new stage of development, layout in advance, firmly put scientific and technological innovation in a prominent position, practice a new path of Chinese path to the modernization of digital and intelligent bathroom, and explore a new trillion market of a digital and intelligent bathroom!”

Lin Xiaofa, Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jomoo Group, and Chairman of the Board of Directors

For more than 30 years, Jomoo has always adhered to its main business and strength, adhered to technological innovation, and firmly upheld the transformation of digital intelligence. Especially in the past three years, Jomoo has been the only company in the industry that has grown against the trend, with cumulative sales exceeding 50 billion yuan and cumulative investment of nearly 10 billion yuan, with an average growth rate of over 30%. Against the backdrop of digital China, China is entering a new era of intelligent manufacturing, from “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”.

“The key to strengthening China’s manufacturing industry is driven by innovation”, said Li Qi, Executive Vice President of Phoenix TV. Only with innovation can there be exciting changes in the manufacturing industry. The process of moving towards digitization, networking, and intelligence is destined to be a continuous process of innovation. When innovative elements are fully flowing and innovative vitality is continuously released, the growth of Chinese manufacturing will break through new heights one after another.

Li Qi, Executive Vice President of Phoenix TV

China’s economy has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality development, and the growth of the digital economy requires the joint participation and struggle of all sectors of society, as well as the private economy to promote technological innovation and the upgrading of the entire industrial chain. Ren Zeping, a famous economist pointed out: “The digital economy will profoundly change the whole world. In the future, China’s efforts in the field of new infrastructure will achieve China’s position in intelligent manufacturing. If the road and bridge were to support China’s prosperity and development in the past, I believe that the prosperity and development of China’s economy in the future will be supported by ‘new energy’, ‘charging piles’, a new generation of information technology, digital intelligence and artificial intelligence and Industrial Internet, which is where Jomoo is located. We are positively Facing a new round of digital and intelligent-driven technological revolution, we must firmly believe that the best investment opportunity in the future lies in China

Renowned Ren Zeping, economist

Global layout, Jomoo creates a world-class innovative digital intelligence strategic system

At present, sanitary products have fully entered the era of intelligent, integrated, and customized home ownership. On-site, Lin Xiaowei, President of Operations of Jomoo Group, released the Jomoo Digital Intelligence Technology Strategy. He pointed out, “China’s digital intelligence bathroom products are facing a trillion level market demand, and the sanitary products are entering a critical period of transformation and upgrading. In the future, Jomoo will continue to build a world-class innovative digital intelligence research and development strategy system, empowering the group to implement its 100-billion-yuan strategy

Lin Xiaowei, President of Operations of Jomoo Group

For years, Jomoo has taken technological innovation as its development gene, and has collaborated with technology companies such as Huawei, CATL, China Telecom, and Siemens, gradually building an innovative research and development system of “three years of application, five years of foundation, and ten years of theory”. In addition, Jomoo has established 16 research and development centers worldwide, leading the development of over 20 international standards and over 200 national standards. The total number of patents has exceeded 20000, with an average of 5 patents published every day.

How to implement and put into practice the strategy? How can technological research and development achievements better empower the public to live a healthy life? At the conference, when the robot brought a smart toilet to the center of the stage, Jomoo gave his answer – the i90 full sterilization smart toilet.

The i90 smart toilet integrates the latest smart technology and meets the comfort, health, convenience, and personalized needs of a new generation of consumers. The innovative results have become increasingly accessible to ordinary people in daily life. “Lin Youse, CEO of Jomoo Group, explained the product. In his view, consumers are no longer satisfied with basic functions such as cleaning and automatic flushing but hope for a cleaner, simpler, more convenient toilet Energy saving, and environmentally friendly smart toilet.

Lin Youse, CEO of Jomoo Group

Jomoo i90 smart toilet adopts the industry’s advanced “all sterilization” system, which not only adds an external scale inhibitor filter to high-precision filter impurities and softens water quality, but also uses UV sterilization water 2.0 technology with a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%. The entire process is sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, and both pipes are used to clean from the source. In addition, the arc-shaped spray rod of the i90 nozzle undergoes dual checks of silver ion antibacterial and automatic cleaning before and after use, achieving the highest A-level cleaning standards of no discharge and no return. From the water source, and water path to the end of water washing, which creates a clean toilet with all water paths, refreshing people’s understanding of digital sanitary.

Randy W. Schekman, Chief Scientist of Jomoo Group

Randy W. Schekman, Nobel winner in Physiology & Medicine, member of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States, academician of the National Academy of Sciences in the United Kingdom, and chief scientist of the Jomoo Group, delivered a speech online, praising Jomoo’s self-developed antibacterial technology “The i90 full water sterilization smart toilet launched by Jomoo combines the core concept of the product with cell technology and is equipped with an innovative and developed health sterilization system to ensure that the water source for human washing is clean and hygienic. It can be said that this product has reached the world’s leading level in antibacterial performance”, he said. In the future, Professor Schekman will apply his lifelong research achievements in microbiology and human cell biology to Jomoo, and work together with Jomoo to bring revolutionary antibacterial results to bathroom products, bringing a qualitative leap forward for people’s healthy bathroom life.

Collaborate with CNSA to develop Digital Intelligence Innovation in the Sanitary products

With the deepening practice of the digital China strategy, Chinese sanitary products are entering a new cycle of development. On the one hand, the state encourages the development of high-end manufacturing, accelerates intelligent manufacturing innovation, and builds a smart ecosystem; On the other hand, the development of IoT technologies such as 5G and Big Data has made the digital economy the next stop for industry transformation.

To this point, around the topic of “digital intelligence innovation under the transformation of the sanitary industry”, Zhao Xinli, academician of the IEAS, Wang Yi, an expert in China’s manned space engineering, An Ayue, chairman of the anorectal disease prevention and control committee of the CPMA, Lin Xiaowei, president of operations of Jomoo Group, Chen Zhong, head of Huawei’s terminal BG business development department, Chu Yin, vice president of the digital economy think tank Guests from various fields such as Wang Sai, the managing partner of Kotler Marketing Group China, gathered together to discuss the future development of digital technology. They conducted in-depth discussions on industrial digital transformation, green intelligent manufacturing, aerospace scenario applications, medical health, and smart home scenarios, creating a grand feast of ideas through cross-border collisions.

In the end, Jomoo Group signed a strategic agreement with the CNSA Support Products Division. Lin Xiaowei, President of Operations of Jomoo Group, and Jin Yishan, Head of CNSA Support Products Division, signed the contract as representatives of both parties. In the future, both parties will plan to establish a spaceflight-level bathroom technology laboratory to carry out technological innovation and cooperation in the development of antibacterial materials, application of digital and intelligent technologies, recycling of energy-saving technologies, and monitoring of human excreta, to develop new technological bathroom products. This also indicates that the future technology of sanitary products will become a new engine for the development of technology innovation industries, injecting new vitality into China’s creativity.

Digital transformation has sounded the horn in our age, empowering manufacturing with digital intelligence, and moving from manufacturing to creation. Chinese brands represented by Jomoo adhere to innovation-driven and forge ahead, leading the industry to move forward with high quality. Digital intelligence is used to create a better tomorrow for the development of the Chinese economy and meet people’s aspirations for a better life.

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