UN1ty Ventures Unveils GGtoro: Gaming Exchange Pioneering Liquidity in Game Asset Markets

London, UK – April 13, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a recent announcement, gaming focused Venture Fund UN1ty announced its plans to launch GGtoro, a gaming exchange, set to bridge the intersection of gaming and finance.

The game asset market is valued at +150 billion USD. As of now, there are no secondary markets for game assets. GGToro brings liquidity to Gaming.

GGToro aims to be a one-stop platform enabling gamers & investors to buy, sell, trade, stake & lend their game assets as well as manage them all from one place. It will offer unique tools for collaboration and strategy sharing among top gaming investors and creators, enhancing the gaming investment landscape.

The users will also be able to send crypto & game assets to phone numbers.

The platform is designed to facilitate networking among its users via live chat and granting them early access to exclusive sales and priority participation in discounted investment opportunities, effectively giving them a competitive edge in the gaming market.

The team at GGToro is in the process of vetting gaming stocks and game assets to include in GGToro, ensuring a high-quality and diverse portfolio for users.

As of now, there is a notable absence of any gaming-focused exchange in the market, and GGToro aims to bridge this gap, merging the realms of traditional gaming and cryptocurrency.

The founders of GGToro bring over a decade of experience in the cryptocurrency sector, promising a robust and dynamic platform.

Ggtoro is gearing up for an initial token presale, scheduled for mid-May 2024.

For Airdrop, Whitelist, Discounted Pre-sales and more information plus updates on GGtoro, visit https://ggtoro.com

Social Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ggtoroofficial

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ggtoroofficial

Media Contact

Company: GGtoro

Contact: GGtoro LLP

Website: https://www.ggtoro.com/


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